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Legal Lean Syrup Question...?

Is Legal Lean real?

     Yes it is real. It is NOT CODEINE.


Will Legal Lean show up in a drug test?

     No its an all natural product.


Does Legal Lean have codeine in it?

     No which makes it legal, but it has all the same effects. Definitely worth the money.


Does Legal Lean have the same effect as the real lean?

     Similar. Try taking 2-4 ounces with for best results.


Can you mix Legal Lean with sprite, or could you drink it out the bottle?

     Mix it with the beverage of your choice but it doesn't taste too bad straight from the bottle either.


Does it give you a buzz or makes u sleepy?

     Its like the real deal and will sit you down but 100% all natural.

What are the ingredients in Legal lean Syrup?

    Ingredients can be found on our Legal Lean Store Page by clicking the product and looking a the pictures.

Legal Lean Reviews

Verified Purchase

Drank lean plenty of times and this did not taste like it but it sure did get me right. Even a little faster than the real thing. I just wish you guys get some bigger bottles.


Verified Purchase

Made a bitch drowsyyyyy af


Verified Purchase

one out of a hundred I'll give it 120%


Verified Purchase

I've heard a lot about "Legal Lean". And did my research on it. And in the videos i saw the people poured this 2 oz bottle in a 2 liter sprite and i tried the real actavis and no one would pour a 2 oz of lean into a 2 liter sprite its a waste you would have to drink the 2 liter yourself to feel the affect.Also with the real lean i smoked weed with it to improve the high. So when i ordered this product to finally give it a try i poured the bottle into a 20 oz sprite.. it almost taste like the real thing. I got the affect kinda quickly i felt very relaxed and sleepy. If i closed my eyes i could easily fall asleep.I took a bong rip to see if weed would improve the high and it did it felt like the real thing.

Verified Purchase

Mixed the whole bottle with sprite and it bubbled up so much it overfilled and wasted a little.....took about less than a hour to feel the effects and I can say its the real deal and will have you fighting not to doze off and go to sleep#Grade A product.


Verified Purchase

Drink it about one a week or once every 2 weeks and deffenetly relaxes me if I drink the whole Duce and fight the urge to sleep. Feels like I just drank some Activist.


Verified Purchase

Tried one bottle of the grape and it definitely had me sideways. Took about 1 hour/hour & a half n I did not want to get out of bed at all. I just wanted to lay there and exist. I would say it's definitely like the real s***. Doesn't have the taste like codiene but it's very good. Recommend to try it if you haven't. If your skeptical let me reassure you it is some gas. A 2oz bottle had me turnt.

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